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Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Summary I wanted to solve the three main problems which I discovered in some farms and parks : The plants are not properly and timely watered, or sometimes there is overwateringMany plants are affected by diseases which destroy the plants before they can be identified and treated.In India, many people own lands in their villages, but they live in cities and are not present to look after it. Thus, I wanted to design a robot, which can solve all of the above problems at once. This robot could thus report the statistics of the field like temperature and humidity and the conditions of the plants and also detect the diseases in advance so that appropriate dose of fertilizer can be given. With the record of Soil and Ambient Temperature and Humidity, we can calculate the amount of water the plants will require and thus control the irrigation system automatically. To investigate further and in order to test my solution, I went to near by parks to test the robot out. It could …

Smart Agriculture: Plant Watering and Field Monitoring System